Does Your Upline Have A Blueprint For Success

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It doesn’t matter what Network Marketing Company or Multi-Level Marketing Company that you’re with they probably have a plan or training that all new representatives should go through to learn about the company and the products and services that they are offering. Your upline should be the person you go to help you get started down your path to success. Notice I said should; the reason for that is that there are so many people in the industry that jump from one company to the next and never learn the skills that are necessary to become successful in this industry and don’t know how to teach their downline those skills. Does your upline have a blueprint for success?

Although we are a part of the Direct Sales Industry, none of us wants to be identified as the type of pushy used car salesmen that we have all come to know and want to avoid like the plague. The problem with the training that we get from the companies that we represent is that is exactly the type of person they are setting us up to be. We’re old to make a list of at least 100 names of family members, friends, coworkers, business associates, or anyone that we do business with and we’re told that this is our warm market. When we have called all the names on the list and a few of the people on the list join us or buy something from us just to get us off their backs we are then told about the “3 Foot Rule.” This is where we talk to anyone that is within three feet of us about our opportunity and where our family and friends really start to avoid us like the used car salesmen.

I’m not saying that what we’re being taught doesn’t work because it has worked for some very successful people in this industry. The problem is you haven’t perfected the skills of the individual that uses this type of strategy and you don’t have the income that person does and after a few months you decide to quit your network marketing company and say that this business doesn’t work. If you are still holding on and wondering if there is a better way, there is!

There is a way to build your network marketing business where you don’t have to chase your friends and family, where you don’t have to talk to everyone within three feet of you about your opportunity and hopes that someone will join you in business. So my question to you is “Does your upline have a blueprint for success?”

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