Why Today Is the Best Day to Join Numis Network

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First let me tell you about “why” I started buying gold and silver a little over three years ago, and then I will tell you ”why today is the best day to join Numis Network.”  I was fortunate to be at the same location with an individual I will call Greg. Greg had made his fortune in the investment arena and gave three very enlightening presentations. He broke the stock market down into its simplest terms for the non-investors. He said there are basically two types of investments “paper” and “earthly.” Paper investments are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., and earthly investments are those things that come out of the earth like gold, silver, oil, etc.

Greg also said that there are cycles to investing and if you paid attention to the clues, you would always make money investing. As a matter of fact, Greg said that we were in about year seven to nine of the earthly phase with each phase lasting about 18 years. At that time gold was selling between $700 to $800 dollars an ounce and silver was selling for about $12 to $13 an ounce.  Yesterday gold set a new record high by closing about $1900 an ounce and silver closed right under $43 an ounce.

This article is not about investing but an alternative to letting the people that are supposed to be smart when it comes to informing us about what to do with our money, but can’t seem to get it right, hence, “The Wall Street Bailout!”

Why is Gold at an all time high?

When investors are worried about the volatility of the Stock Market they have always put their money in precious metals and Gold is the precious metal of choice. Recent events like the US AAA Credit Rating dropping to AA have cause even more uncertainty in the market and pushed the price of gold to where it’s at today. If you think about it, the US is going to have to raise their “Debt Ceiling” again before it’s all said and done, and maybe a time or two more before the current administration leaves office. The higher the debt ceiling goes the less value the dollars has, the more investors worry, and the higher the price of gold and silver go. I say the U.S. will raise its debt ceiling at least once in the next two years and possible more than once because they have not passed the 2011 Budget and 2012’s Budget should come up for a vote very soon if it hasn’t already because they normally start the new fiscal year  on 1 October.

The reasons above along with the ones that I will share with you below are the reasons why today is the best day to join Numis Network. Numis has just celebrated its second year in the industry and when most companies are downsizing or closing their doors for good; Numis has expanded when it introduced its Pre-launch in the United Kingdom on September 1, 2011, with the official launch on November 1, 2011. You’re no longer limited to the United States and Canada.

Refer Three and Get Yours Free

Sign up three retail customers that purchase a coin every month through “The Silver Coin of the Month Program” and Numis will give you your monthly autoship for free. That’s right all you have to do is sign up three and get your Silver Coin of the Month for free. No, you don’t have to sign up three new retail customers every month, just have three that purchase a coin every month and every month you will receive your coin for free. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Numis Network Cruise Contest

Numis is one company that likes to reward it reps and they have made it super easy for you to qualify to get on this six day cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas.  You have until October 16, 2011, to qualify. During this period you will receive four points for every Fast Track Collector’s Kit that you sell, and six points for every Legacy Series Accelerator Set you sell.

Here are the points that you need to accumulate to qualify for the cruise:

Inside Cabin for 1 person – 18 points (sign up 3 people with one accelerator each)
Inside Cabin for 2 people – 25 points
Outside Cabin for 2 people – 30 points
Balcony Cabin for 2 people – 40 points
Suite for 2 people – 60 points
Grand Suite for 2 people – 90 points

Sorry you missed the cruise contest, but there will be other contest in the future!

Numis Network Silver Eagle Bonus*

From day one as a Numis Representative you can qualify to be paid on sales of the entire company by enrolling two new retail customers or two new representatives that purchase the Fast Track Collectors Kit within your first 30 Days. Numis takes $30 from each Fast Track Collectors Kit sold and places it in a bonus pool and those that qualify will receive one share. Numis estimates that one share could average between $150 -$300. Sell two Fast Track Collectors Kits in your first seven days as a rep and you will qualify for two shares.  Once you have been a rep longer than 30 days and you want a share on the bonus, all you have to do is sell two Fast Track Collectors Kits in a week to qualify.

Numis Network’s Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee

I saved the best for last because it’s unprecedented! Where else could you purchase a product, hold on to it for five years, and sell it back to the company that you bought if from for the price that you paid for it five years earlier? This guarantee only applies to coins purchased through “The Silver Coin of the Month Program,” and with it this guarantee, Numis has taken fear out of the equation. All you have to do is sign up today and start building your collection of the highest graded collectible coins in the world. If for any reason you decide you don’t want your coins (we’re hoping that you keep them because we believe that they will increase in value over time), send them back in their original case, and Numis will send you a check for what you paid for them (minus shipping and handling).

There is much more to learn about Numis Network and I hope that you now see why today is the best day to join Numis Network.


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