Why Network Marketers Fail: And What You Can Do to Succeed!

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In the Network Marketing Industry success is not about what you do, it’s about what you do daily. It is about the income producing activities that you do on a daily basis that determines your success or failure. The biggest reason the statistics point to a 95 percent failure rate for the Network Marketing Industry is because most people come into this industry with the wrong mindset.

Many people listen to a business opportunity presentation and decide that they will give it a “try.” That type of thinking leads to failure because when you just give it a try; you don’t give it your all and learn the necessary skills that are required to become successful. This is the same mindset that we have when we get hired for a job. We’re going to give our new job a try until something better comes along. Giving it a try is one of the reasons why Network Marketers fail.

When you go into anything placing limitations on yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. When you speak anything into existence you are determining your future results. Think about the mindset that most people have when they go to a casino. They put aside a certain amount of money and tell themselves that when they lose that amount, they are going to go home or back to their hotel room.

When you place limitations on yourself when you start your new business, you’re operating with the same mindset as the person that says when they lose a certain amount of money at the casino they are going to go home. Whatever you feed your conscious mind gets passed on to your subconscious mind which is what motivates us to do or not the thing that is going to cause us pain. In the words of Napoleon Hill, “your mind is like a fertile field; whatever you plant there will produce results.”

The biggest difference between starting your own business in the Network Marketing Industry and working a job is that if you give your business as much time and effort as you give your job, your could build a walk away residual income in three to five years, which is awesome when you take into consideration that there is a one to three years learning curve associated with the Network Marketing Industry.

What You Can Do to Succeed

Find someone that is successful in the Network Marketing Industry and do the things they did to get the things that they have. Will it be easy? Probably not! But you can make it easier by being focused on the task at hand because you will have to learn things that you don’t know, you will have to do things that you have never done before. You will have to build relationships with people that you don’t know and that requires you to pick up the telephone and talk to people that you want to do business with.

It means that you’re going to have to learn a new set of skills and a new way of doing things. It means that you’re going to have to change your mindset from that of an employee to the mindset of a business owner.

Most Network Marketers that you join in business will tell you to go home and make a list of at least 100 people that you know or have a relationship with, and they will tell you that this is your “warm market.” The problem with your warm market is that you have not qualified them. They have not told you that they were in the market looking for a business opportunity to start from the comfort of their home. You pitched them your business opportunity and will wonder why many of them will give you an objection as to why they are not able to join your business opportunity.

You don’t want to chase your friends and family or anyone when you’re just getting started building a business because the results that you get from this will disappoint you and give you a reason to quit, and quitting is another reason why 95 percent of network marketers fail.

You want to be the hunted and the best way to do that is to practice the principals of Attraction Marketing. The best piece of information for getting you started with Attraction Marketing is contained in a book titled Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. Mike used the principles he teaches in Magnetic Sponsoring to go from waiting tables to making over 7-figures in 18 months.

Will you have the same results that Mike had? Probably not, because you don’t know what else Mike went through before he achieved that type of success. Comparing yourself to others is another reason why 95 percent of network marketers fail. We all have to pay a price to become successful in this industry and most people quit long before or right before they would achieve the success they were looking for.

If you know nothing about Internet or Network Marketing and you think that you can become successful in this industry without learning the principles of Internet or Network Marketing, you’re setting yourself up for failure. One of the best systems available for learning the principles of Internet or Network Marketing is My Lead Systems Pro or MLSP for short. The training they have archived in their back office is taught by top leaders and earners in the network marketing industry. They also have a weekly live training webinar every Wednesday night that will blow your socks off.

MLSP has over two years of recorded training that you can spend months just learning new marketing strategies, but what good is learning these new marketing strategies without putting them to the test. Using the knowledge you gain is what separates those that fail from those that succeed in this industry.

Hopefully this article has given you more insight into why network marketers fail, and what you can do to succeed.

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